About Us

Based on 20 extensive years of experience in language services, Localize Masters serves a wide base of international clients, providing them with the most diverse portfolio: state-of-the-art approaches in translation, localization, DTP services, and more.

Our wide unrivalled services are based on academic degrees in translation, linguistics, certificates awarded from global networks of certified translators, and information technology background. This gave us a competitive edge over our competitors in terms of breadth of services, commitment to delivery dates, delivery of quality content, and offering of competitive prices. We combine deep language and cultural expertise with technical expertise to keep up pace with the dynamic nature of global business and market needs nowadays.

We have a robust team of 20+ specialized skilled professionals who have passion for language and eager to reach, engage, and support international clients and prospects everywhere helping them to fulfill their business needs and overcome communication barriers.

Vision & Mission

We aim to become the leading company in the field of language-services industry, breaking through all culture barriers. This is going to be achieved through our continuous improvement of our work processes and translation techniques, in addition to our selection of calibers who have great passion for quality and who are obsessed with first-class client service.

Helps World’s Top Companies to Excel in Global Market with Superior Quality Services

Why Us?

Quality Is Not an Option

Compromising on quality simply is not an option. Our commitment to quality makes us offer you an exceptional quality of work and services that utterly satisfies your needs. Our focus on quality is relentless as we continually strive for maintaining the highest standards of quality in our work process that enables you to adapt to dynamic global market changes.

Technology-Driven Orientation

We work with the CAT tools (Trados, MemoQ, Transit, Wordfast and Across, etc.). Such tools are based on the technology of Translation Memory. This maintains terminological consistency and reduces error rates. Consequently, we offer you considerable savings and fast project turnaround.

We Are Certified

We are certified by l'Ordre des traducteurs terminologues et interprètes agréés du Québec (OTTIAQ) and The Association of Translators and Interpreters of Ontario (ATIO).

On-Time Delivery

Deadlines are critical to your success and that is why Localize Masters makes it a priority to meet them. Localize Masters is able to scale resources and technology to ensure fast on-time service delivery.

Free Estimate and Fair Prices

We offer you a free quote for your project once you contact us. Our services are available for you at the most competitive prices ever.

Broad Spectrum of Translated Fields & Services

We have more than 20 language specialists available for various languages, in addition to other services’ professionals. Their expertise is strictly verified and checked on a regular basis. We cover a wide range of industries like Marketing, Advertising, Real Estate, Banking & Finance, Software, Hardware, Technology, and more.

Our Team

Achieving your goal is our aim. For such purpose, we have a dedicated team whose members share a unique focus on quality and a continuous quest for excellence and work at their maximum capacities. The team consists of language specialists who are divided into three sub teams: Project Managers, Translators, and Quality Assurance Specialists. Our Project Managers team is the first contact with our clients; our Translators team is a number of professional translators specialized in various fields; and our Quality Assurance team is a number of linguists who assures you get a fault-free job.

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