Unlike many of our competitors, we follow a unique business model that ensures you get an optimum outcome. All our services are in-house, starting from project management, translation/localization, quality assurance, and reaching to desktop publishing. Centralizing our production staff results in prompt response to every client’s inquiry, superior coordination, and optimum service delivery. As quality is our focus, Localize Masters follows the TEP sequence to ensure superior quality. TEP is an acronym that refers to Translation, Editing, and Proofreading of documents where each project progresses through the steps of translating the source text, editing the translated text, and proofreading (reviewing) the target text, in addition to the final laying out of the document conducting meticulous revision to ensure a fault-free job.

We have an efficient project management system in place. We always assign a Project Manager to every client who is fully dedicated to such client. This dedicated Project Manager knows and understands the client’s specific requirements and preferences, and is available to the client 24/7. S/he assures proficient scheduling and planning, and tracks meticulously every stage of translation and localization to ensure its accomplishment in a timely manner. S/he also provides the client with customized status reports on a weekly basis or any other schedule required.

Here comes the resources allocation to the project after the Project Manager is aware of the client’s requirements. We allocate resources to the project according to their specializations. We have a vast database of highly qualified professional accredited linguists and translators who are specialized in various fields. Such specialists have been tested and qualified by Localize Masters. Each translator is selected according to a certain number of experience years in a specific field, number of words translated in such field, and a university degree in translation/interpretation. In addition, the qualified translator has to pass a tailored test in the area of specialization for which s/he is known to be an expert. Even after being accepted to be one of our family, our translator is constantly evaluated for his/her level of expertise in a specific field to keep our desired level of quality.

Linguistic quality of translation is of paramount importance to our clients and to us. Although we only ever use the very best translators, they can sometime make mistakes, as that is a part of any human-driven process. For this reason, we perform comprehensive testing and quality assurance procedures to measure quality at each milestone in the translation process of each project. Rather than testing only a portion of the work, we always check every page, every line, and every word – every time. We apply pre-defined and measurable quality metrics, which can afford clients the peace of mind to get an impeccable translated outcome. Reviewers (Editors) start to check for correctness, appropriate writing style, and consistency before the translator finishes his/her work, thus they are working in parallel to ensure time and cost effectiveness. Desktop Publishing is an optional intermediate step for files that require design work. As a final stage in our process, an expert eye of a proofreader looks at all the translated content to ensure readability and clarity. The bottom line of our QC process is to deliver immaculate translation with superior quality.

We follow the highest standards to conduct our business